Software Developer Coaching

All the subject matters provided in the form of a seminar, as well as related subject matters, can be transfered into a coaching project. This has an exponential impact that allows you to achieve maximum efficiency in the roll-out of new technologies with a minimum investment of time. Coaching takes place as part of a project on your premises. It is also possible to implement your project with a time-limited cooperation both as developer and coach. In this way you can improve acceptance in your team and strengthen your role as coach.

Coaching Subject Areas

  • How to use C and C++
  • Embedded software development.
  • Introduction of a Framework Technology.
  • Introduction and Improvement of a Process.
  • Software Integration and Versioning.
  • Quality Assurance within Software Development.

Corporate-specific Technology Coaching

It is also possible to be coached on technologies that have been developed by your company and that need to be rolled out. This could be for instance a new library, a tool collection or a framework. For this kind of technology, in addition to a seminar program, it is recommended to have a contact person available to mentor your project in the initial phase and who acts as an interface to the team that developed the new technology.

Some typical situations where coaching can be helpful:

  • You have been using plain C so far and you have to adopt C++.
  • A modular architecture has to be adopted, but developers don’t have any experience with it yet.
  • A software in an embedded system that has been functioning so far without operating system has to be ported to an embedded operating system.
  • A new software versioning is being adopted or a new versioning tooling is being applied.
  • The software integration in your project doesn’t work or it is not understood.
  • A development framework is being developed in the company which is to be rolled out to the departments.
  • A technology is being developed in one location of a company that needs to be used and therefore understood at other locations.

Last modified 26.04.2021