Technology Transfer and Multiplication in your Company

Do you have a technology that needs to be rolled-out in your own company? Maybe in other locations as well, possibly also internationally?
I already performed a similar process for two automotive industry companies. Both companies were developing a framework technology as basis for their worldwide software development had and were faced with the task of rolling-out the knowledge about the objective and the use of the framework to their various locations. To aggravate the situation, at their various locations they had different knowledge levels and different background experiences. I overtook the multiplication of the technological knowledge and of the knowledge about the design of a development process for both companies.
In a similar way, I can take on the necessary development of the competency concerning in-house technology in your company as well. Please feel free to consult me about it.

This kind of knowledge multiplication can be done through the following procedures:

  • Creation and Completion of Documentation
  • Presentation of the new Technology at Information Events
  • Creation of Training Material
  • Implementation of Trainings
  • Temporary Project-related Coaching

Last modified 26.04.2021