Process Improvement in Current Project

Do you want to make your software development more effective and avoid repeating mistakes too often? It is then recommended to analyze your own project by means of an updated process description, to identify bottlenecks and to clear them if necessary.
I am happy to support such an undertaking according to the principle of constant improvement - which in my experience is the only promising principle.

Typical Problem Areas in the Software Project

  • Requirement Management
  • Software Integration
  • Versioning and Configuration Management
  • Software Testing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Other…

I am happy to support a process improvement by analyzing the bottlenecks and by conceiving a strategy aimed to solve the identified problems. It is essential for this conceiving to take place in close coordination and cooperation with the project key persons.

Introduction of the Project Management Process Scrum

During the introduction of Scrum I can support you by taking over for a short period the role of the Scrum Master as an external consultant, without being influenced by the software development background in your company.
Once the Scrum Ceremonies are in place, the role can be passed to internal employees.

Process Improvement within an evaluation according to A-SPICE

The process framework model SPICE and in the field of automotive industry Automotive SPICE represents in practice an ideal evaluation template for a software development process. That is the reason why the automotive industry uses this standard in order to test the suppliers’ capabilities in the software development area.
If it is you who are now the focus of such an evaluation, you would do well to deal with the scheme behind it and have a look at the terminology they use in it. Not only does this give you a better position in the face of an assessor but also you get to see your own project and the capabilities of your company with different eyes.

A process improvement with SPICE can also be carried out strategically in the project or company-wide through an analysis and then through continuous improvement steps.

Last modified 26.04.2021