Technical Coaching

A technical coaching during the development project can take place wherever the required results are not reached by means of ordinary training or seminars. Generally this is where developers stand at the very beginning of the utilization of an unknown technology.

Typical Examples

  • The first-time integration of a software in a system or in a product by engineers who are developing software for the first time.
  • The first-time utilization of a programming language like for instance C and C++ by engineers using script languages so far.
  • Introduction of multi-threading in previously single-threaded software.
  • The first-time use of a source code versioning such as Git or Subversion.
  • The first-time utilization of a previously unknown framework or component technology.
  • Other…

Technical coaching can be achieved through a temporary cooperation in the project. By letting the employees become practically acquainted with the principles of said technology in their daily work and avoiding pitfalls.

Last modified 26.04.2021