The Pure C++17 Delta Seminar

The new syntax of C++17 and the extensions of the C++ standard library compared to C++11 and C++14.

This seminar only deals with the differences between C++17 and the older standards C++11 and C++14. It is therefore ideal for participants who hava a good knowledge about C++11 and only want to learn the innovations of C++17.

The following subject matters are covered:

The New Syntax of C++17

  • Declarations in if and switch Clauses
  • Inline Variables
  • Compile time decisions with if constexpr()
  • constexpr Lambdas
  • Structured Binding and Decomposing
  • Standard Attributes
  • Fold Expressions
  • Template Argument Deduction for Classen Templates
  • Deduction Guides
  • Non Type Template Parameters with auto
  • Initializing Parent Classes over the Uniform Initialization
  • The Short Form of static_assert()

The Innovations of the C++17 Standard Library

  • std::any
  • std::optional
  • std::variant
  • std::shared_mutex
  • std::byte
  • The File System Library
  • The Extension of the Type Traits Library
  • Parallel Algorithms

The seminar introduces the new standard through theory and practice. After the theoretical parts, practical exercises are being introduced so that the applicability of the new language and library elements can be tested by the participant.

The current versions of regular productive compilers usually support the C++17 standards. The best support is delivered by Clang C++ compiler closely followed by the GNU C++ compiler. The operating system used in the seminar is irrelevant. Usually it is Linux, Windows or Mac OS X. Any other UNIX Systems can also be adopted.

Last modified 24.01.2022