Advanced Seminar on the Java Programming

This seminar is aimed at people who have basic Java knowledge and would like to extend their knowledge. In particular the qualities of Java, which are related to the type information at runtime and allow quite unique approaches compared to C++, are the focus of the course. The course is carried out by means of hands-on examples, in which frequently used packages from the Java library find applications.

The following subject matters are covered:

  • Nested Classes
  • Interconnected Classes
  • Nameless Classes
  • Class
  • Loading Classes at Runtime
  • Reading Out Type Information
  • The clone() and equals() Methods
  • The Static Constructor
  • The Type Description at Runtime
  • The finalize() Method
  • Internal Techniques and Garbage Collection
  • The Stream Concept of Java
  • Programming Applets
  • The Swing Library
  • GUI Programming with Swing
  • Establishing a Network Connection
  • Reading Out an URL
  • Java Reflection
  • Remote Method Invocation (RMI)
  • The Native Code Interface (NCI)
  • Object Serialization
  • The JAR Utility
  • The JDBC Database Interface

The current JDK of Oracle is being used and any development environment such as NetBeans or Eclipse. You are free to choose the operating system. Normally Windows, Linux, UNIX or Mac OS X are used.

Last modified 17.01.2023