Seminar on the Processes and Procedure Models in Software Development

In this seminar, standard procedure models and processes of software development are being dealt with. Various approaches, success concepts and mistakes are discussed from an historical point of view. The participant is taught conceptual systems that are suitable for describing the development processes. In addition to the traditional process models, current changes within the software development processes are discussed.

Besides the very theoretical models, the seminar also deals with the question of how to describe and develop further preexisting processes.
What goals are pursued by describing and developing processes? What mental and social resistances are to be expected if you would like to improve the development processes in a company or in a project? What does it mean for an organization to undertake a change of the development process? What does quality mean? What do processes have to do with the required perception of quality in a company? And what does it mean when the purchaser of a software project insists on the transparency and the verifiability of development processes?

The following subject matters are covered:

  • Principle Procedures for Software Development
    • Waterfall Model
    • Spiral Model
    • Prototypical Procedure
    • Iterative Models
    • Analytical Models
    • Agile Models
    • Frame Models
  • Some Selected Examples
    • V-Model
    • eXtreme Programming
    • Scrum
    • SPICE
    • ...
  • Quality and Processes
  • Objective of Processes
  • Process Introduction
  • Process Improvement
  • Quality Assurance
    • Product QA
    • Process QA
  • The Subject of Requirements
    • Product Requirements
    • Process Requirements
  • The Customer and the Project
    • Power Relationships
    • Communication Relationships
    • Task Assignments
  • The Project Staff
    • Cultural Background and „Reality“
    • Ethics and Quality
    • Frustration
    • Roles
    • Opponents

The seminar is carried out in the form of lectures, discussions and both social and organizational small experiments. Software development experience may not be required, but it is a plus. Project manager experience also constitutes an advantageous starting point for this seminar.

Last modified 10.07.2021