The described learning sessions are normally performed at the client on-site in the form of in-house seminars. However, if necessary, they can also be organized by me. In some German cities like Hannover, Berlin, Stuttgart and Tübingen, partner companies can provide premises if planned ahead. In other cities it is possible to book seminar rooms in hotels. Established dates for open seminars like during the past years are no longer provided due to a dropped demand. I would also be be happy to adapt the seminar contents to your wishes.

Further Subject Matters

Further subject matters can be provided in the seminars. If you need for instance a training on development processes, quality management, order management, software testing, configuration management, software integration or information management, you can contact me about it.

Learning Sessions at the Client’s Location

Seminars can be held at your premises and are estimated according to a daily rate plus travel expenses and legal value-added tax. I would be pleased to make you an offer.

Last modified 10.07.2021